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Strong R&D Capacity

13 years of manufacturing and R&D experience in medical & beauty equipment, providing OEM and ODM services, diverse custom solution.

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Quality Assurance

Adopt the most stringent set of quality management system. Full range of quality tests before shipped to ensure the quality of products. FDA CE approved.

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Ensured Services

Fast delivery, perfect after-sale service system; User-centric; Complete training system and technical guidance; 2 years warranty and lifetime maintenance service.

Meet our company

KOBUDY 3C digital accessories, industry experience for 20 years, with a complete production and research and development capabilities.
Guangzhou Kobudy Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional production and processing company of mobile phone data cable, charger, phone case, tempered glass,earphone,speaker,car holder, mobile phone accessories, creative products and other products, with a complete and scientific quality management system. Guangzhou Kobudy Technology Co., Ltd. integrity, strength and product quality recognized by the industry. It owns a series of 3C digital products such as KOBUDY.

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OEM custom solutions



Choosing reliable suppliers is crucial. It is recommended to find suppliers through trade shows, online sourcing platforms, reference business directories, and trade associations. Background checks, sample testing, and communication should be conducted to ensure their reputation and product quality.

International trade contracts should clearly stipulate the rights and responsibilities of both parties, including product specifications, pricing, payment terms, delivery methods, and breach of contract liabilities. Seeking legal support is advisable to ensure contract effectiveness and compliance with relevant international trade laws and regulations.

International payment methods include letters of credit, documentary collections, and wire transfers. Choosing the appropriate payment method should consider transaction amounts, trust levels, transaction risks, and the relationship between parties. Consulting banks or trade experts for advice and guidance is recommended.

International logistics involves aspects such as packaging, transportation mode selection, customs clearance, and cargo insurance. It is advisable to collaborate with reputable logistics companies and understand the pros and cons of different transportation modes. Ensure compliance documents and necessary insurance to reduce risks and protect cargo security.

Import and export procedures include customs declaration, customs documents, import licenses, and export licenses. It is important to understand the trade policies and regulations of the target market and collaborate with professional customs brokers or trade consultants to ensure compliance and smooth trade activities.

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